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About Us

I have built my life around these lovely little wild things when I started with my first Basenji in 1992. 

My goal in my breeding program at Tammen's Basenji is to produce a healthy all around hound who
is a good family member, that can also compete in Performance events and Conformation events if
the owner wishes. Tammen's Basenjis has produced American Kennel Club Group Winning and
Group Placing Basenjis,  American Kennel Club Grand Champions and Champions along with
United Kennel Club Grand Champions and also Best In Show Winners & Reserve Best In Show Winners,
our dogs are also working in the obedience and agility rings and coursing fields.

In 2001 Tammen’s Basenjis started their breeding program with the breeding of a ½ African Foundation
Bitch that was acquired from Susan Coe of Akuaba Basenjis. Her name was AKC CH/UKC CH Akuaba
The Cat’s Meow JC AOM (Winnie)
she is the first ½ African Basenji to receive an AOM. She is out of
AKC CH Akuaba’s Tiger Lilly BBHR by Elija of Esenjo.

Or foundation bitch Winnie was then bred to AKC CH AB Lazer the Mischief Maker SDHR owned by
Wanda Poole of Adventure Land Basenjis which produced 4 puppies three male and one female.We kept
two pups from that litter AKC CH/MBIS & MRBIS & Veteran BIS UKC GCH Tammen’s Cat In The Hat
who is the youngest dog to date still to win Best Adult in the African Exhibition at the BCOA
Nationals in 2002
at 13 months old from the adult classes by beating out many AKC Champions and top dogs,
he is also the highest ranked Basenji in breed points in UKC history to date. The other pup we kept was AKC
CH/Veteran BIS & RBIS UKC GCH Tammen’s Whaz Up Pussycat BBHR
who has excelled in the whelping box
for us. The second breeding done on Winnie was in 2002 to a ½ African male AKC CH Sadiki’s Little Saint Nick
owned by Rita Ponte of Sadiki Basenjis this litter produced one AKC CH Akuaba N Tammen's Toulooloo who
is living with Susan Coe of Akuaba Basenjis in Australia.  That breeding also produced UKC CH Tammen’s N
Akuaba T.Yon

In 2006 we decided it was time to see what Winnie’s daughterAKC CH/Veteran BIS & RBIS UKC GCH Tammen’s
Whaz Up (Kitty)
could do for us in the whelping box she did not disappoint us at all. She was bred to English Ch
AB-SS Money to Burn at Shernazar SDHR
, who was the Dog World/Royal Canin Top Stud Dog for 2007
also the first US Imported male to get a English CH, who was breed by Wanda Pooley of Adventure Land
and owned by Lisa Tyler of Shernazar Hounds in England we were not disappointed at all with this
breeding it produced a all champion litter AKC GCH/ MBIS & MRBIS Int. & Nat. CH/RBIS UKC CH Tammen's
Take Me On
, AKC CH/UKC CH Tammen's Tri N Top This and DC Tammen's Can't Touch This RE, BN, OA,
Tammen’s Basenjis first performance star and also first
Basenji from our kennel to receive a Versatile Basenji Excellent Award.

The second breeding to Kitty in 2008 was to AKC CH Sonbar’s Deliteful Deviation who is owned by
Sally Wuornos of Sonbar Basenjis again we were not disappointed in this breeding it produced a bitch
Sparks Will Fly AOE our first basenji to take a Best of Opposite Sex at a Speciality (MABC Speciality
2010), Qualified for Eukanuba in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Receiving a Award of Excellence at
Eukanuba in 2010
under judge Kent Delaney. She is also our first Dual GCH and the highest awarded
BIS and RBIS Basenji in UKC History.  She was also ranked #2 Basenji in UKC 2011 and ranked #1 Basenji
in UKC 2012 with limited showing. Her litter mate AKC CH Tammen’s Born In The U.S.A. for Illusions
is doing quite well for Terry and Bob Reed at Illusion Basenjis as a stud dog producing
MBISS GCH Illusions Stairway to Heaven.

In 2012 we decided to see what Kitty’s daughter BOSS GCH/MBIS Int.CH /MBIS /MRBIS /Int.&Nat. PCH/
MBIS & MRBIS UKC GCH Tammen's Sparks Will Fly AOE (EV)
to GCH Jokuba C-Quest First Round
Knock Out
bred by Russella Bowen of Jokuba Basenjis and Cindy Russell of C-Quest Basenjis this
litter produced 4 girls and 2 boys. Well Elphaba the litte Black and White girl we kept from this breeding has
not disapointed she is a AKC Group Winning/Group Placing GCH/MJBIS/MJRRBIS/BIS/RBIS ICKC
Intercontinental Junior Champion & ICKC Junior Hall of Fame Champion/BIS/RBIS UKC CH Tammen's
Defying Gravity, she finished number 1 Junior dog in the country in 2013 in ICKC. All before the
age of 18 months old.
In this litter we also have Tammen's As Long as Your Mine who has a 4 point major
from her second dog show, also coming to the show ring this fall will be Tammen's Dancing Through Life.

In 2014 we decided to breed BOSS GCH/MBIS Int.CH /MBIS /MRBIS /Int.&Nat. PCH/
MBIS & MRBIS UKC GCH Tammen's Sparks Will Fly AOE (EV)
to Wakan DayDream Believer bred by Toni
Ackerman of Wakan Basenjis
this litter produced 2 girls and 4 boys all Red/White. We will be keeping a very nice
Red/White boy from this litter Tammen's Sympathy For The Devil and Sue Siroki has a very nice Red/White boy
who also be in the show ring Tammen's Jumping Jack Flash.

In 2014 Tammen's Basenjis was the Recipient of the AKC Bred By Exhibitor — Silver Award for the number of dogs finished from the Bred By Exhibitor Class.

Bitches standing at Tammen's Basenjis Group Winning/Group Placing AKC GCH/BIS/RBIS ICKC Intercontinental CH/ Intercontinental Sr CH/MJBIS & MJRBIS Intercontinental Junior CH/ ICKC Junior Hall of Fame CH/ MBIS KCUSA Jr CH/ KCUSA CH/ UCI Int. CH/BIS/RBIS UKC CH Tammen's Defying Gravity AOM BCOA Nationals 2014, CGC, PVB, RATI

Studs standing at Tammen's Basenjis
AKC GCH/ MBIS & MRBIS Int. & Nat. CH/RBIS UKC CH Tammen's Take Me On

AKC Best In Hound Show Puppy Sweepstakes & Best BBE in Hound Show/ UKC CH/Intercontinental Senior Puppy Championship/ICKC Junior Hall of Fame/ICKC Junior Master Supreme Grand CH/ ICKC Junior Supreme Grand CH/ICKC Junior Grand CH/ICKC Junior CH/Intercontinental Junior Puppy Championship/Intercontinental Puppy Championship/ICKC Puppy CH Tammen’s Sympathy For the Devil

We have a few health issues with basenjis that you need to be aware of Fanconi which is a hereditary kidney disease,
PRA, IPSID, Hip Dysplasia, HA and PPM.  For more information on these you can go to

All of my Basenjis are health tested for OFA, CERF, Fanconi, Thyroid. I feel that quality is more important then
quantity so I only breed every few years.

If you would like to check the health testing on my dogs you can go to the sites listed below:
Cerf (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) http://www.vmdb.org/cerf.html 
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals  http://www.offa.org/ 
We breed on a limited basis to top quality stud dogs only.  The puppies then live in a home 
environment until they are at least 12 to 14 weeks old.  During that time socialization begins that is the foundation
on which future owners can build a good all around hound, be it pet, performance or conformation. 
We are located in Maryland.

If you are interested in getting a puppy from me, first read up on the breed and then please fill out the
puppy application on my companion pet page.

Member of the BCOA since 1992

Member of the MidAtlantic Basenji Club since 1992

Member of the Catonsville Kennel Club since 2011

Member of Old Line State Dog Club since 2004

Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals since 2016